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Limited Company Formation India

Limited company formation is a process and Indian companies act has defined each and every step for registration purposes. In India, primarily, there are two types of companies are present including private limited and public limited ones. Limited company formation defines the formation of a public limited company as per the Indian company registration act. There are different rules and regulations are applied for different countries but in India, these rules and regulations are very strict when it comes to company formation. A private limited company is a company which needs less legality like it needs minimum two members and maximum fifty in order to start the business operations as per the companies act in India. But, in case of a public limited company, it needs minimum seven members and with maximum no limit as it can freely issue shares to general public in order to raise capital. The Registrar of Companies (RoC), which is established under the Indian companies act to give the registration certificate to upcoming companies.

Limited Company Formation Services

Limited company formation services include applying, verifying and granting the registration certificate to an applicant. Therefore, company formation services are exclusively provided by leading corporate and legal professionals those are experienced in these matters. Company formation is a process and it takes time and effort for complete registration. Public limited company formation is extremely different from a private limited company as this type of company is more recognized and acceptable in society. Online company formation is the new trend and it's considered as one of the best ways to get registered a company by simply filling up little information as per the company registration act. Apart from online registration, one can seek the help of a leading company registration professional from reputed legal firms in order to apply for commencement certificate. The very first import step is to get the name of a company as per your nature of the business and then apply with some inevitable documents in order to get the original registration certificate.

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