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LLP Registration in Haryana

Located in the north-west part of India in close vicinity to Delhi, Haryana is one of the most verdant, opulent, and fast progressing States of India, with massive contribution to the national GDP of the country every year. A large part of this historic and booming State falls under the national capital region, to make it more progressive and hugely popular for business establishments in diverse sectors mentioned below. Hence, located in Delhi, ours law firm of global reach and repute, essentially offers a rich gamut of superlative, swift and economical legal services in places all across Haryana. In this web-page, only our services for llp registration in haryana are discussed, to support entrepreneurs, industrialists, professionals, and companies belonging to this and other States of India.

Our expeditious and impeccable llp services in haryana have the following striking and lavish features:
  • For inception of a limited liability partnership in haryana, the rules and regulations to be strictly followed are given in the Indian LLP Act of 2008, and the new Indian Companies Act of 2013.
  • Registrations and regulation of LLP firms in entire India, are exclusively governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) of the Union Government of India, through its well-crafted website (
  • The most fertile and secure economic fields for llp registrations in this State at present are agro-based industries, automobiles, manufacturing, information technology, light to heavy steel fabrication, food processing, textiles, paper and plywood, real estate and construction, milk and milk products, and services.
  • The services delivered by our company lawyers of erudition and repute during the llp registration procedure are name reservation (Form-1), help for obtaining DPINs and DSCs (Form-7), filing the application for incorporation Form-2), writing of appropriate LLP Agreement (Form-3), drafting all requisite documents, and getting the certificate of llp registration.
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