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Limited Liability Company

Company is defined as a legal entity and there are various types of companies are existed as per the Indian Companies Act. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a form of company which is quite like a limited liability partnership and sole trade business with limited legal procedures. It's often called Limited Liability Corporation by many since its inception. Limited liability companies are formed as per the Indian Companies Act 1956 like other form of companies. In case of a limited company, the most striking factor is the limited liability among members unlike private limited company. No partner is individually responsible for any other's misconduct or liability as per the company rules and regulations. Limited liability company registration is almost same like a private or public limited company in order to get the registration certificate from the Registrar of the companies. Limited liability companies have been impeccably growing due to its many advantages over other form of companies in India.

LLC Registration Services India

Limited Liability Company (LLC) registration services are available in all over the country by leading legal and corporate firms at affordable prices. When it comes to company registration, one can directly log into the official website of the company registration department in order to apply by fulfilling all eligibility criteria. Or, one can apply through online as online mode of company registration is extremely popular among aspiring business entrepreneurs from across the world. This process is absolutely simple and easy to follow by taking few guidelines from expert members those are in this profession. After private limited, public limited, limited Liability Company is the most sought after company in India like limited partnership or sole trade business. These days, there are numbers of private company registration firms are providing company registration services at affordable prices by appointing well qualified and well trained corporate professionals those have knowledge and experience in handling company registration. Limited Liability Company (LLC) registration needs some important documents and certificates in order to get the registration certificate.

The following important documents are imperative when it comes to apply for LLC registration
  • Company name certificate
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Power of Attorney
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