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Online Company Registrations

Company is a legal entity and it needs to be registered under the companies' act of that particular country where company established or incorporated. The process of registration can be done through both online and offline by fulfilling certain terms and conditions. Online company registrations are gaining more popularity day by day as compared to the traditional medium. As every company be it a private or public limited company, is a voluntary association of likeminded individuals to continue a certain type of business to make profits. Therefore, all these companies need to be registered under the Registrar of the Companies (ROC) as per the rules and regulations of the Government. In India, Companies are registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 as per the Indian Government. In India, Registrars of Companies (ROC) are appointed under the companies Act in all states and Union Territories of the country in order to make the process of company registration easy and smooth. Before applying for online registration, one needs to make ready all documents including Memorandum of Associations (MoA) and Articles of Associations (AoA) with the name of directors and managing directors of the proposed company.

Online Company Registrations in India

India is going to be the big destination for all small, medium and large scale enterprises from across the world in order to tap huge opportunities available in this country. In each and every month, there are hundreds of companies are established in India and online mode of registration can play a brilliant role to make this process easier and better. Company registration in United Kingdom (UK) is under the Companies Act, 1985 of the UK Parliament and the roles and responsibilities of company Directors and Managing Directors are mentioned.

In UK, the following types of companies formed and registered under the law :
  • Private Company (Limited by shares)
  • Private Company (Limited by Guarantee)
  • Private Unlimited Company
  • Public Limited Company (PLC)

Online Company Registrations in UK

In UK, one can register a company by himself or can take the help of a professional in order to make this affair simpler and easier. But in Australia, all new business and companies are registered in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) under the Australian Business and Companies Act, 1963.

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