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LLP Registration India

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is one of the hugely popular incorporated forms of doing business, in most of the countries worldwide, including India. The main reasons for being LLPs popular and preferable are – lesser requirements for registration, flexibility in operation and management, benefits of limited liability, elegance in combining professional knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurial initiative, and great independence regarding functional behavior and business conduct availed by partners, and lesser taxation liabilities, etc. Our visionary law firm has been a distinguished service provider to the commerce and profession sectors, for a long successful and elevating time in India and abroad. Our discerning services have also been available for LLP Registration in diverse fields of business, profession, and commerce sectors. The section below offers comprehensive information about the llp registration india, together with the llp registration process involved. The outstanding features of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) are that, it offers the administrative and commercial facilities being availed by both the Limited Companies and the Partnership Firms; each of the partners to an LLP has limited liability (however, its one or more designated partners may have unlimited liability, as in some countries) and certain business responsibilities but, any partner is not solely responsible for any delinquency or negligence made by other partners; and that, the designated partners have exclusive rights to manage the internal and external affairs of the LLP, as per the rules and regulations in the LLP Agreement.

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