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Limited Company Registration

Limited company has been fast growing in India because of its numerous advantages over other form of business enterprises. Limited company is one where the liability is limited among partners and members and no partner is responsible for anyone's claim. Limited company registration is extremely important in order to continue the business operations legally for a long period of time. Company registration process has evolved into many ways including online company registration or registration through internet. Online company registration is absolutely easy and simple as compared than traditional method as one can apply within the comfort of his or her home. And, all these companies are registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956. As per the companies act, there are two kinds of companies are exists including private limited and public limited companies. Private limited companies are those have minimum two shareholders and fifty as maximum but for a public limited company, minimum numbers of shareholders are seven and there is no limit for maximum shareholders.

Online Company Registration India

Online company registration in India option has great fan following since its arrival as nothing can beat its unlimited advantages. One should be proficient or well known about each and every aspect of company registration rules and regulations. Registrars of Companies (RoC) are established under the section 609 of the Indian Companies Act in order to offer registration certificate after checking and verifying all their documents and certificates. It's a statutory body incorporated under the companies act and present in each and every state and region of the country with a power to check the eligibility of an applicant for registration purposes. Limited company registration has been rapidly growing as this type of company is absolutely risk free and investment friendly as compared to others. There are numbers of company registration firms with the help of trademark lawyers are providing company registration services at affordable prices to many aspiring business entrepreneurs.

When it comes to company registration, one should submit following important documents and original certificates:
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Company name and board of directors
  • Power of Attorney if any
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