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LLP Registration in Mumbai

This alpha world city is one of the most populous, richest, industrially opulent, and globally alluring destinations in the whole world for business establishments in various economic sectors. This richest city of India in respect of contribution to the national GDP (over 6%), produces about 25% of country's industrial output, 70% of marine trades, 11% of India's organized employment. Hence, ours full-fledged law firm of global prominence and presence essentially offer top-notch legal services for people and companies located in this industrial, commercial, and financial capital of India. In this article, only the legal services for llp registration in mumbai are illustrated exclusively; for getting information about ours other legal services in this magnificent Mumbai, please visit our other web-pages.

The following points and qualities are truly noteworthy, regarding our llp services in mumbai in its all economic sectors:
  • As in all other cities and States of India, today the services for registration of limited liability partnership companies are rendered in compliance with the Indian LLP Act of 2008 and the new Indian Companies Act of 2013.
  • For registering a limited liability partnership in mumbai, the office exclusively concerned is the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, and its official website (
  • Our masterly and economical services for llp registration in mumbai, are available for all economic fields of this industrially well-developed city which could belong to its broad economic sectors of manufacturing, professions, business and commerce, industries, and services.
  • The tasks and services undertaken by ours veteran and expert company lawyers during the llp registration procedure, are making reservation to the proposed names (Form-1), help clients in the making of DPINs and DSCs (Form-7), crafting the LLP Agreement (Form-3) and preparing all requisite documents, filing the completed application form for registration (Form-2), and receiving the certificate for llp incorporation.
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