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❖ Company Incorporation

Company is an association of persons to carry out a certain business or good and services with the mutual consent to make profits. In India, companies are incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. As per the rules and regulations, companies in India are classified into two categories including private company and public limited company. Company incorporation or formation takes many processes and it involves some through documents checking on the behalf of members of that particular company. These days, online company incorporation is getting more popular due to very simple and easy process followed or laid by the Registry of Companies. There are so many leading law firms and legal consultants are offering company incorporation services through its highly professional team of lawyers, Charted Accountants and Company Secretaries at attractive prices. Before applying for company incorporation, one should be clear about the type of company he or she wants to register. New company registration is not an easy task as it involves through checking of some really important documents in order to avoid any illegal action in future.

Whether, you are planning to register a private or public limited company you should come up with following certificates:
  • Memorandum of Associations (MoA)
  • Articles of Associations (AoA)
  • Name of the directors and Managing Directors and Board of Directors
  • Name approval letter
  • Power of Attorney signed by the subscribers of MoA
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