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❖ Trademark Litigation

Trademark litigation is defined as a process of filling a case in the Judiciary to protect the ownership of the trademark of the actual owner against all types of illegal uses. As trademark is the identity of an organization or an individual so, a single misuse can bring wrong impression or vanish the reputation of the true proprietor who has created by working hard for many years. Trademark litigation arises due to lack of proper checking of trademark at the time of trademark application by the authorized person. If there is no professional people involved with the trademark registration process then, there might be the chance of trademark infringement which leads to trademark litigation. There variety types of litigation including criminal, labor tax and Excise litigation but trademark litigation is different from all as it involves to fight for ownership in tact by the help of attorneys and legal professionals. Trademark litigation cost varies from case to case and it depends upon the complexities of a particular case and time period it takes to solve.

Trademark Litigation Process

Trademark litigation is a process of filling a legal battle in the court or Judiciary for trademark infringement or any illegal uses of intellectual property of an individual or organization. As it's concerned a fully legal procedure, one should take the help of legal professional or an attorney while filling the trademark litigation in order to make the whole process hassle free and successful. In India, there are many leading law firms such as Global Jurix, a leading law firm based out of New Delhi with many highly qualified and well trained legal professionals are providing trademark litigation services at very affordable prices to many clients including individuals and organizations from different fields. India is the best place to avail the trademark litigation services in the present age.

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