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❖ Trademark Registration in Dhanbad

Internationally famous as the Coal Capital of India, Dhanbad is the most populous city of Jharkhand, and the second largest urban agglomeration in the State after globally prominent Jamshedpur. Besides being rather opulent in respect of coal mines and coal washeries, this fast growing city is also famous nationwide for its ISM (Indian School of Mines) and power generation plants. Noteworthy here also is the fact that the busy and bustling Dhanbad rail division is the very second richest in revenue generation in entire India after the Mumbai division. Hence, this magnificent coal mining and one of the busiest commercial centers of India is naturally very important to our Indian IPR law firm of global prestige. For lavish benefits to people and companies of Dhanbad and fast growth of its economy, illustrated are our services for trademark registration in dhanbad exclusively.

Immensely famous in countries of the world over, for impeccable and swift trademark services in india and nations worldwide, ours IPR law firm well-based in Delhi, offers the following services for trademark registration in this galloping city of Jharkhand:
  • For over a decade, our trademark lawyers have been extending expert support for all international registrations of trademarks and service marks in all 45 classes, to serve Indian and global people and entities, in addition to the Indian registrations of these on behalf of them.
  • The domestic registrations of trademarks created by companies and entrepreneurs of Dhanbad, are made under the jurisdiction of the regional trademark office of Kolkata; and the foreign registrations of these are governed under TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European CTM.
  • Services offered by our lawyers during the Indian or international registration, for every trademark in dhanbad, are guidance for trademark creation, uniqueness and infringement analysis, selection of trademark class, filing and prosecuting for registration, tackling allegations of opposition or infringement, etc.
  • The economic fields of this bustling city of Jharkhand served by our legal services for trademarks are coal mining and coal washeries, power generation, trade and commerce, transportation, education and teaching, hospitality and entertainment, information technology, and diverse services.
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