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A trademark is the name, label, design, and generally any distinctive sign to distinguish a product others as a commercial, industrial or any type of products. Registration of a mark may be operated by any person or entity, and there is no variation among the domestic and foreign applicants. Foreigners however, must appoint a local trademark agent to represent them and undertake all the formalities of trademark registration and receive a certificate of TM registration. The registration of a trademark is valid for 10 years and renewable for an additional period of 10 years.

These trademark agents will guide and make you easy and hassle free while applying with all types of trademark services under any of the state jurisdiction. Trademark comes under the major intellectual property that needs special care and attention while securing once creative innovative ideas. Here in India with largest sector of trade and commerce, you will find huge list of trademark agent India usually different states comprises of varied list of tm agent.

A trademark agent service includes:
  • Searching trademark with past registry.
  • Will guide you as per the standards of trademark act 1999 of India.
  • Assist you under all types of trademark services including trademark registration, infringement, TM watch, TM renewal, TM prosecution and many more.
  • Will make you how to pass through infringement act if any and how to go through evidence proof.
  • Will make you effective while applying with renewal of trademark before expiry.
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