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❖ Trademark Registration in Bhagalpur

Internationally famous for Tussar Silks, Bhagalpur is the second biggest and fast-paced economy of Bihar, and the second most populous city (with a population of about 4 lakhs) of the State, after glamorous Patna. Situated in and surrounded by highly fertile Gangetic Plains, this silk city is just about 225 Km away from the capital city of Patna, and distant about 410 Km from industrially well-developed Kolkata, to prosper fast a very significant center for trade and commerce, and industries in various economic fields. Today, the economy of Bhagalpur, which was in past dependent primarily on agriculture, silk industry, and small businesses, is now developing and progressing in many new economic fields, which are mentioned below. Hence, ours services for trademark registration in bhagalpur, and a rich gamut of other legal services are of vital importance to this fast growing economy. As far as the trademark services in india are concerned, ours visionary law firm well-based in Delhi, is now globally distinct and popular.

One of the highly reputed, hugely popular, and leading IPR law firms of India, our punctilious law firm offers the following services in Bhagalpur, in connection with registrations of trademarks:
  • All-rounded and dedicated services of ours a pool of internationally renowned trademark lawyers are available for all international registrations of all 45 classes of trademarks and service marks, besides the national-level registrations in countries worldwide.
  • The nationwide businesses of entrepreneurs, companies, and industries of Bhagalpur are well-facilitated by their registrations of trademarks under the zonal trademark office of Kolkata, while the foreign registrations necessary for international and worldwide businesses are made under the prestigious treaties of TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European CTM.
  • For every new and unique trademark in bhagalpur, our lawyers of up-to-date field knowledge and opulent service-experience deliver all necessary services during the whole process of registration of the trademark in India and countries worldwide.
  • The economic fields of this significant city undertaken by ours services for trademarks are silk industries, education and teaching, media, retail, agriculture and horticulture, handlooms, light manufacturing, small scale industries, trading and commerce, and other industrial and service fields.
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