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❖ Trademark Registration in Mumbai

Magnificent Mumbai is one of the giant, fast galloping, and worldwide prominent cities of India. Besides being glamorous financial and entertainment capital of the country, it is also the largest industrial and commercial hub in entire India, and contributes highest to the national GDP (over 5%) every year, greater than that by any other city of India and Asia. This alpha world city alone produces about 25% of the industrial output of India, performs about 70% of country's marine trade, and employs over 11% of country's workforce in the organized sector. Hence, booming Mumbai has always been a city of highest importance and priority to our globally renowned and popular law firm of India, in connection with delivery of world-class legal services in places all across this influential centre of global trade. In order to help and serve companies and industries of this fast thriving city, informed here exclusively are our services for trademark registration in mumbai, in its all economic fields.

Widely and enormously famous for ace trademark services in india and countries situated in all across the whole world, our Delhi-based law firm extends the following services for registration of all trademarks and services marks of Mumbai:
  • As there are numerous companies and industries located in Mumbai which are engaged in doing their respective businesses at international and worldwide levels, our reputed and well-informed trademark lawyers also provide masterly services for trademark registrations as per the Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, CTM, and the Madrid Protocol, in addition to the Indian registrations of their trademarks.
  • For the domestic registration in India of all trademarks and service marks pertaining to people, companies and industries of Mumbai, concerned exclusively is the regional trademark office of Mumbai, which is also the head trademark office of India.
  • For Indian or International registration of every new trademark in mumbai, our lawyers offer all required services during the whole process of registration, including the service for creation of a unique trademark, selection of the perfect trademark class, prosecution for brisk and best registration, and resolution of all opposing cases and claims.
  • All well-established as well as the fast emerging economic fields of this opulent city of India are covered by our legal services for trademarks and other categories of IP, which fall under the broad categories of manufacturing, profession, business and commerce, industry, and services.
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