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❖ Trademark Registration in Raipur

One of the major and highly significant industrial and commercial cities in the central India, is roaring Raipur, the glamorous capital of recently formed State of Chhattisgarh. Containing opulent and fast-paced agricultural and industrial sectors, this city is nationwide famous for a variety of rich rice, iron and steel, power, cement, plywood, alloys, and many other industrial and agricultural products. Hence, Raipur is certainly one of the major and most progressive cities in the central regions of India, for availing our legal services for intellectual property. Here, highly rich and exclusive information regarding our services for trademark registration in raipur, is being provided to boost fast growth in the business and commercial sectors of this thriving city. Located in well-connected Delhi, our highly successful IPR law firm is now rather eminent worldwide for ace trademark services in india and abroad.

The following services in Raipur are worth attention regarding registration of trademarks at all levels and in all economic fields:
  • For nurturing businesses at regional and national levels in India, entrepreneurs and companies located in Raipur are required to register their trademarks and service marks under the regulation of the regional trademark office of Mumbai.
  • And, to extend their businesses to foreign countries, they need to register their respective trademarks and service marks under the jurisdictions of the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, CTM, and the Berne Convention.
  • Efficient and expeditious services for these both levels of trademark registrations, are extended punctiliously by our trademark lawyers of rich and varied international service-experience and expertise, for each and every trademark in raipur, during the whole process of registration in India and countries worldwide.
  • The economic fields covered by our superb services for trademarks in this city of opulent economy, are iron and steel, education and teaching, agro-based industries, coal, cement, power, tourism and hospitality, media and entertainment, retail, forest products, alloys, plywood, trading and commerce, and many other industrial and service fields.
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