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❖ Trademark Registration in Firozpur

One of the most ancient cities of Punjab is Firozpur, which is also spelled as Ferozepur, and was established ambitiously by famous Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1309-1388). Its location on the banks of river Sutlej and in vicinity to major and glamorous cities like Chandigarh (220 Km), Ludhiana (120 Km), Amritsar (110 Km), Bathinda (85 Km), Jalandhar (120 Km), etc., makes this city a very suitable and preferable center for transportation, tourism, and trade and commerce. However, because of being located in adjacent to the Pakistan Border, trading and commercial activities of Firozpur have been considerably constrained and confined. Containing in its gamut many historic places and sacred shrines, and highly fertile land for cultivation of wheat and cotton, this growth-oriented city of Punjab has about 1.25 lakhs of population (as per census 2011). To facilitate industrial, commercial, and economic development and progress of this city, informed here are our superb legal services for trademark registration in firozpur, by ours law firm of Delhi adorned with worldwide prominence and services.

Very reputed for first-rate and cost-effective trademark services in india and abroad, our legal organization offers the following services and facilities for registrations of trademark in Firozpur:
  • Both the Indian and all International registrations of every trademark in firozpur, are well-facilitated by our internationally admired trademark lawyers.
  • The Indian registrations of all newly generated and proposed trademarks and service marks of people and companies located in Firozpur are regulated by the regional trademark office of New Delhi, while all foreign registrations of these are governed under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the CTM, for all 45 classes of trademarks and service marks.
  • All required legal and advisory services during the entire process of registration in India and abroad, are offered by our lawyers, including the services for trademark invention, trademark class selection, ascertaining uniqueness to avert allegations of opposition or infringement, trademark filing, and prosecution for perfect registration.
  • Served by our trademark services are all economic fields of this city, compulsorily covering the fields of transportation, agriculture and ago-based industries, light manufacturing, travels and tourism, trading and commerce, and other industrial and service fields.
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