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❖ Trademark Registration in Kota

Historically glorious Kota is one of the highly significant major cities of extensive and internationally prominent Rajasthan. Containing a massive population of about one million (as per census 2011), this is the third biggest city in the entire State, and now fast progressing in many new industrial and economic fields. Thriving Kota is fast becoming popular especially in the northern India for education and teaching, and industrial establishments, besides being famous for its historical palace, gardens and temples. Located in the southern part of Rajasthan, and all along the banks of river Chambal, this exotic city of Kota is also highly fertile and rich in greenery, to allure numerous domestic and international tourists every year. Therefore, for promoting commercial growth and profitability in this city, informed exclusively are our services for trademark registration in kota in its all new and old economic fields.

Enormously famous for ace-class trademark services in india and countries worldwide, ours Delhi-based IPR law firm offers the following services in Kota, in this connection:
  • For all trademarks and service marks newly created by people and companies of Kota, our lawyers offer services for the national and international registrations of these, the foreign registrations being executed under the Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, and the CTM.
  • The domestic or Indian registrations of these, are regulated and controlled by the zonal trademark office situated in Ahmedabad, to facilitate nationwide businesses in India by people and companies of Kota.
  • These both broad categories of registrations for every trademark in kota, are well-facilitated by our reputed trademark lawyers, through offering by them all necessary services during the entire process of registration in India and countries of the world over.
  • The booming and fast emerging economic fields of this city which are well-served by ours legal services for trademarks are agro-based processing and industries, education and teaching, cotton and textile weaving, chemicals, engineering industries and equipments, distilling, fertilizers, dairying, metal handcrafts, stone-polishing, healthcare, tourism, and other economic fields.

To avail brisk and best trademark application filing by trademark consultants in kota rajasthan, interested people or companies located in Kota, may readily contact our internationally reputed IPR law firm of Delhi. Here, it may again be noted that, the trademark office concerned for this purpose, is the office of trademark registry located in Ahmedabad. All tasks involved in the entire procedure of trademark registration are covered by the services of our trademark lawyers, these include suggestion for creation of a new trademark or logo for doing business in the desired economic field, name and logo search for verification of the indubitable uniqueness of the same, free trademark class determination, satisfying the trademark examiner/registrar, and offering brilliant prosecution for the perfect and promptest registration.

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