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❖ Trademark Registration in Aligarh

Internationally famous for its superb locks, Aligarh Muslim University, zinc die casting, and brass hardware, Aligarh is a fast-paced centre of business, industry, and commerce in the northern State of Uttar Pradesh. This well-connected city contains a population of over one million at present, and is progressing fast in many new economic fields. Its nearness to cities like Delhi (about 140 Km) and the industrial and commercial capital of the State Kanpur (approx. 290 Km), has been very conducive to its rapid industrial and commercial growth. As our law firm is well-established in Delhi, and is globally distinct for ace-quality trademark services in india and countries of the world over, we inseparably include this highly significant and influential city under the rich gamut of our legal services. Provided in this web-article very productive information about our brisk and economical services for trademark registration in aligarh, to facilitate nationwide and worldwide businesses of its people and companies.

The following significant features must be noted regarding registration of trademarks and services mark of companies and industries which are located in Aligarh:
  • The trademark lawyers of our globally admired law firm are well-versed in guiding and assisting all international registrations of the trademarks and services marks of people and entities of Aligarh, under the Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, TRIPS Agreement, and the CTM, apart from rendering expert services for the Indian registrations of these.
  • The domestic-level trademark registrations of companies and industries of Aligarh, are regulated and controlled by the divisional trademark office of New Delhi.
  • For every new and original trademark in aligarh, our punctilious lawyers offer all requisite services during the whole registration process in India and nations worldwide, starting from the trademark creation and class selection to brilliant prosecution for registration.
  • The economic fields of this fast progressing and highly significant city which are comprehensively covered by our best and swift legal services for trademarks are agriculture ad agro-based industries, lock industries, brass hardware and sculpture, zinc die casting, trading and commerce, transportation of goods and products, and many other industrial and service fields.

All interested entrepreneurs, companies, firms, etc. located in Aligarh, may promptly contact our prestigious law firm of Delhi, for trademark application filing for their respective newly created trademark or service mark. As there is no government trademark registration office in aligarh, the application for registering trademarks/service marks pertaining to this city, is made with the zonal trademark registry office located in New Delhi. On your request, our veteran and vibrant trademark lawyers can help you as trademark registration consultant in aligarh, regarding creation, registration, and protection of your trademark/service mark in entire Aligarh and India.

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