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❖ Trademark Registration in Amritsar

Internationally well-known and one of the largest and fast-paced cities of prosperous Punjab, is affluent Amritsar. The things that make this city striking and alluring to Indian and global people, investors, and tourists are Golden Temple (also known as the Harmandir Sahib), its fast growth in industrial and agricultural sectors, its exotic and delectable cuisines, and rich opportunities for investments in the sectors of information technology, manufacturing, and other economic fields. Its nearness (approximately 215 Km) to opulent Chandigarh, is also an outstanding advantage. Consequently, Amritsar has been highly significant to ours globally reputed and popular IPR law firm of India, located in Delhi. Presented is rich and exclusive information regarding our services for trademark registration in amritsar in ours this benevolent web-article.

Immensely renowned for first-rate trademark services in india and abroad, our prestigious law firm renders the following service and facilities for trademark registration in amritsar in all economic fields:
  • Apart from the national registrations of trademarks and service marks in all 45 classes of these, our well-experienced and veteran trademark lawyers also support all international trademark registrations under the treaties of the TRIPS Agreement, CTM, Berne Convention, and the Madrid Protocol.
  • For obtaining the national-level registration of each and every trademark in amritsar, the concerned office is the zonal trademark office of New Delhi, which performs and regulates this process as per the Indian trademark act of 1999 and the trademark rules of 2002.
  • During these both broad classes of registrations, performed are all requisite services punctiliously and flawlessly by our trademark lawyers of international prestige, during the entire process of registration in India and countries worldwide.
  • All economic fields of this fast thriving city are served by ours top-notch legal services for trademarks, essentially including the fields of agro-based industries, various farm produces, information technology, manufacturing, carpets and fabrics, engineering and technology, exotic handicrafts, and other industrial and service fields.
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