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Trademark is a sign that is capable of being represented graphically while communicating with potential market. This sign can be of textual art, colorful, designable, word, phase and many more; that can be used under product, service or any promotional company's letter pad. The mark is a sign that serves to distinguish a company or institution, or its product or service, these, products, and / or services of the competition. The mark has therefore a function to distinctive of origin of products and services, guarantee quality and consistency of communication. The registration of a mark, in the State, to the person who obtains an absolute right to use the trademark to identify products or services manufactured, marketed, or provided, for which the mark is registered.

Under the same path of TM registration, it is very important to first go with trademark clearance services where one can search about past trademark registry and can clear about whether the proposed TM is designed as per the pre defined standards or not. As per the trademark act 1999 in India, no one is allowed to use another person's / company's trademark which is already being register under the TM act. One needs to look for unique and ethical trademark before applying with trademark registration.

We as a firm of trademark services, serve you with trademark clearance in India being offered by best TM attorneys who are well versed and skilled how to track different legal matters of tm clearance. Thus, mail us about your TM requisites and we will revert with exact services.

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