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All-round protection to Trademarks is essential for steadfast prominence and popularity and unique identity and reputation in the marketplace. Misappropriations associated with trademarks and trademark infringements, can easily and gradually reduce credibility and goodwill of the company, which in turn, will result in decreasing profits and lesser number of regular customers and clients. Considering these significant facts, our internationally reputed legal organization provides close and meticulous trademark monitoring services and rigorous trademarks protection services to companies, institutions, and industries in various sectors of economy, in all across India. More information about our trademark protection india, is given below. In addition to the federal trademark protection in India, we safeguard also well-rounded protection to the trademarks of our clients under the international regulations of the Paris Convention, TRIPS Agreement of World Trade organization, Madrid Protocol, and European Community Trademark (CTM).

Trademark Protection Services in India

In India, trademarks are registered and protected by the new Trade Marks Act, 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules, 2002, and all amendments made to these so far. Our elegant and rigorous services for trademark protection are beneficial to entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, industries, and institutions, who are engaged in the businesses of various sectors of commerce and profession in all across the country, and also at international level. The trademarks protection services are just an ancillary part of our comprehensive services to the intellectual property law and rights, in India and abroad. All various types and categories of trademarks in these economic sectors are covered by our punctilious and economical services. Ours pool of hugely experienced and discerning trademark attorneys and vibrant trademark litigators and advocates, has been serving numerous people and entities regarding their trademark protection in domestic and international arenas with equal proficiency.

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