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❖ Trademark Registration in Varanasi

Situated on the banks of sacred river Ganges, Varanasi has been one of the holiest and most reputed places in India, in connection with religions, spirituality, and cultures. Besides the tourism connected with these things, Varanasi has also been progressing fast in many new and old economic fields during past years, to catch up cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, etc., of this most populous State of Uttar Pradesh. Its nearness to Lucknow (about 325 Km) has been suitable for its industrial and commercial development and progress. Providing swift and superlative services for trademarks in every part of India and the world, ours reputed IPR law firm inseparably covers Varanasi for deliverance of these services. In this connection, described here are the services for trademark registration in varanasi, for boost commercial progress and prosperity in this highly significant city of India.

Globally well-known and reputed for top-notch trademark services in india and abroad, our legal organization offers the following facilities for registration of every new and precious trademark in varanasi, related with its any economic field:
  • Affluently well-experienced are our trademark lawyers is providing expert guidance and services for all international level registrations, as per the Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, CTM, and Madrid Protocol, besides the domestic-level registrations of Indian people and companies.
  • The domestic or Indian level registrations of trademarks and service marks created by companies and industries of Varanasi, are governed and regulated by the regional trademark office situated in New Delhi.
  • Beginning from the trademark creation and selection of the perfect class, all necessary support and services existing during the whole process of registration in India and abroad, are delivered diligently and expertly by our lawyers.
  • By ours these services the economic fields of this city covered are spinning and weaving, printing and publishing, electrical machinery, tourism and hospitality, trade and commerce, transport and communication, services, agriculture and agro-based industries, real estate and construction, manufacturing, carpets and rugs, handicrafts, gold jewelry, and other economic fields.

For trademark application filing relating to any of the above-mentioned economic fields, people or entities may readily contact our well-experienced and internationally reputed law firm of Delhi. As there is no trademark registration office in varanasi, the filing of such an application is made with the zonal trademark registry office situated in New Delhi. For nearly a decade, our veteran and expert trademark lawyers have been acting as a popular and leading trademark registration consultant in varanasi, in connection with trademark registrations pertaining to the above economic fields.

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