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Trademark is a unique identity for every business enterprise and independent individuals to protect their individual reputation to stand among the crowd. Therefore, trademark registration is highly essential for all those groups for a smooth run. A trademark has many forms or a trademark may be just a sign or a phrase or a word and symbol which represents the entire business. In a time where, businesses in almost all sectors have been growing immensely and this result the aspiring entrepreneurs to go for trademark registration. Trademark registration is a process and it should be followed in order to make the whole process successful with the help of trademark attorneys and lawyers or professionals. Trademark registration application is submitted with Trademark Registry which was establishes in 1940 and all the trademark registration rules and regulations are followed by the Trademark Acts, 1999 to register the new business enterprises for its safety and security.

Trademark Registration Process In India

Trademark registration process varies from one country to another, as different countries own their set of rules and regulation for operating their corporate sector. Here in India, under Trademark Acts, 1999, various steps and procedures have been established like an application needs to be submitted with registrar office of trademark along with other legal documents. At the same time one also need to calcify its trademark in order to justify while filing an application for trademark registration.

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