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❖ Trademark Registration in Bathinda

Located in the Malwa region, Bathinda is one of the oldest cities of prosperous Punjab, and is nationwide famous for its well-developed food gain and cotton markets, cantonment, and educational hub. Today, Bathinda with a population of about 3 lakhs, is progressing amply fast in many other economic fields which are listed below, along with becoming a major and very significant centre for various industrial activities in the region. Its location near the State capital Chandigarh (about 225 Km), is richly surrounded by many small and medium-sized towns, to make Bathinda rather progressive and opulent in trade and commerce. Hence, this city of lakes is fully eligible for drawing our attention and receiving ours world-class legal services. Based in Delhi, our prosperous and prestigious IPR law firm is now globally famous for top-notch trademark services in india and countries worldwide. Discussed only are generous legal services for trademark registration in bathinda, in ours this highly informative and beneficial web-article.

Abundantly experienced in extending dutiful services for trademarks in the world over, ours law firm offers the following facilities and services in Bathinda in this respect:
  • All recently created trademarks and service marks by companies and industries of Bathinda, are helped for registrations of these in India and under all international treaties of the TRIPS Agreement, CTM, Berne Convention, and Madrid Protocol, by ours internationally commended trademark lawyers.
  • In India, every newly invented service mark or trademark in bathinda, is to be registered under the jurisdiction of the regional trademark office of New Delhi, for doing regional or national level businesses in India.
  • All demanded services are delivered punctiliously by our lawyers during the whole process of registration in India and abroad, from the phase of trademark creation and selection of its perfect trademark class, to filing and providing prosecution for registration, including resolution of possible allegations of opposition or infringement.
  • Almost all major and important economic field of this city are comprehensively covered by our legal services for trademarks, inseparably including the fields of food grains, cotton and textiles, education and teaching, grapes and citrus fruits, trading and commerce, tourism and hospitality, fertilizers, petrochemicals, power generation, oil refinery, sugar, manufacturing, and other industrial and services fields.
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