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❖ Trademark Registration in Howrah

Inseparably covered by our top-notch legal services is this second biggest city of West Bengal. This fast-paced industrial city, often called as the Sheffield of the East, is fast emerging as a booming engineering hub in the north-eastern India, besides being a very significant centre for transportation of industrial and agricultural goods and products. Located cozily on the west bank of famous river Hooghly, this twin city to Kolkata, gives home to over one million population. Described are only the perfect and economical services for trademark registration in howrah, in ours this web-article, to expedite commercial and economic growth in this city. Ambitiously well-founded in Delhi, our highly reputed and one of the leading IPR law firms of India, is now quite distinguished for top-class trademark services in india and nations located in regions all across the whole world.

The following lavish and exclusive services and facilities are rendered efficiently and generously by our reputed trademark lawyers in this fast progressive Howrah:
  • Businesses and services of people, companies, and industries of Howrah are promoted and made secure by our support for their Indian and all international (TRIPS Agreement, CTM, Madrid Protocol, and Berne Convention) registrations of their respective trademarks and service marks.
  • For conducting business at all-India level by people and entities of Howrah, their trademarks and service marks are registered with the regional trademark registry office of Kolkata.
  • Flawless and swift registration of every trademark in howrah, at the national or international level, is comprehensively supported by our trademark attorneys, during the entire process of registration.
  • The economic fields of this bustling city covered by our legal services for trademarks are light engineering industries, transportation, education and teaching, steel industry, information technology, trading and commerce, and other industrial and service fields.
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