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❖ Trademark Registration in Visakhapatnam

An internationally famous, fast thriving, and highly significant city of Andhra Pradesh is Visakhapatnam, which is amply prominent as "The Jewel of the East Coast". Giving cozy and glamorous home to a population of over two millions, this second largest city of Andhra Pradesh has been nationwide well-known for its one of the biggest seaports of India, and the oldest shipyard of the country, besides many other things of industrial and economic importance. Moreover, rapid industrial and economic progress and growth of this port city on the southeast coasts of India, have been drawing investments in diverse economic sectors from Indian and foreign people and companies regularly. Therefore, described are our superlative and swift services for trademark registration in visakhapatnam, in this webpage, to support and promote its economic growth and prosperity.

Our prestigious and innovative law firm of India is located in Delhi, and is famous worldwide for its top-notch legal services. For trademark services in india and abroad, also, it is rather reputed globally.

The following striking and lavish facilities related with trademarks are offered by us to companies and firms of Visakhapatnam:
  • All newly created trademarks and service marks by companies and firms of Visakhapatnam which could belong to all 45 classes of these, are served by our reputed and responsible trademark lawyers for the Indian and international registrations of these.
  • For mandatory national-level registrations of these in India, relevant is the regional trademark office of Chennai; while for the international registrations, concerned are the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, European CTM, and the Madrid Protocol.
  • The economic fields of this booming and glamorous city, encompassed by our trademark services are heavy industry; shipbuilding; petroleum and petrochemicals; steel and fertilizer industries; iron ore and other mineral exports; information technology and ITES; computer software; electronics; manufacturing; real estate; film industry; fishing industry; aluminum industry; education and teaching; scientific research; banking and finance; tourism and hospitality, and diverse services.
  • For every new trademark in visakhapatnam, all legal services are delivered expertly by our adept lawyers, including those for trademark registrations. During the tedious process of trademark registration in India and abroad, all required services are extended efficiently and flawlessly by them.
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