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❖ Trademark Registration in Ludhiana

Immensely rich in industries, Ludhiana is an internationally famous city of India, for production and exports of bicycles, tractor and auto parts, sewing machines, garments and apparels, had tools and precision equipments, etc. This largest city of Punjab in respect of population (about 3.5 million) is also one of the major and most significant industrial and commercial centers in the northern India. Its location in vicinity to Chandigarh (about 100 Km) and on the national highways of NH-95 and NH-1, has been highly suitable for its fast industrial and economic progress, and business establishments. Today, along with rapid growth in its well-developed economic fields, Ludhiana is also progressing fast in the sectors of information technology, real estate, retail, and services. Well-established in Delhi, our law firm of global repute has been offering superlative, swift, and economical legal services to people and companies of Ludhiana for over a decade. For lavish benefits to and success of them, here, only the services for trademark registration in ludhiana are elucidated.

Vastly famous in countries of the world over for superb-quality and brisk trademark services in india and abroad, our innovative and reputed IPR law firm offers the following services regarding registration of trademarks in Ludhiana:
  • Every new and unique trademark in ludhiana can expeditiously be registered in India and under all international treaties such as TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, CTM, Madrid Protocol, through expert and punctilious services of ours internationally famed and well-experienced trade mark lawyers.
  • In India, the registration of proposed trademark or service mark by people and entities of Ludhiana, for doing business in any part of India or at the national level, is made under the regulation and supervision of the zonal trademark office situated in New Delhi.
  • All long these both major and broad classes of registrations of trademarks and service marks, ours diligent and decent trademark lawyers deliver all necessary services, essentially including the services for creation of a unique trademark, choosing the appropriate trademark class, filing and presenting prosecution for registration, ad resolving probable allegations of opposition or infringement.
  • The booming and emerging economic fields of this city covered by ours legal services for trademarks are bicycle manufacturing, tractor parts and auto parts, sewing machines, garments and apparels, agricultural implements, hand tools and precision equipments, agro-products, packaging of dairy products, information technology, real estate, education and teaching, retail, household appliances, trading and commerce, and many other industrial and service fields.
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