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LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is the most popular and thriving business organization in the world in these days. It's a mutual agreement between partners in order to carry a certain type of business for profits. To conduct a Limited Liability partnership, LLP registration is mandatory as per the rules and regulations in order to avoid any future troubles. In a LLP, one partner is not liable for other partner's wrongdoing or any other responsibilities unlike unlimited partnership. In India, Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 defines and manages the registration process of all limited liability partnerships in the country. The formation of a limited liability partnership is really easy and simple as compared to other partnership firms and companies. As LLP is a legal entity, it needs to follow the all rules and regulations laid down by the partnership act of the country. Limited liability partnership is thriving in India and across the world due to its easy and simple business plans and limited liabilities of its partners.

LLP Registration Services In India

India is the hub of many small and large scale business enterprises and many more sole trade and partnership firms. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firms are operated under the Indian LLP Act, 2008 and the first limited liability partnership firm came into the existence in April 2009. There are numbers of legal agencies and law firms are offering LLP formation and registration services and among all those firms, Global Jurix, a leading law firm based out of Delhi offers wide range of services relating limited liability partnership formation and registration at affordable prices. There are numbers of qualified legal professionals and trained corporate professionals are inevitable while registering a limited liability partnership firm.

LLP Registration in India
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