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Ministry of Commerce and Government of India are the concern bodies to control the activities of trademark offices in India. Trademark being as one of the important tools of intellectual property safe the rights and powers in respect of business reputation and goodwill. Therefore, it makes essential for the corporate house to register their trademark while filing an application to the concern authority. The same authority is called by trademark office.

All the applications in respect of TM services are resolved and taken care by trademark office. Application for trademark registration is also being examined and publication at these trademark offices. Here, in India you will find trademark office headquarter at the city of Mumbai and other branch offices in Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi and Ahmadabad. For your convenience you can make your application in any of these trademark offices in India.

For trademark application from the cities of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh can filed under Delhi TYM office, applications from Goa, MP and Maharashtra can go with Mumbai trademark office. Applications from Orissa, Manipur, Sikkim, Bihar, Union Territory of Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram can go with Kolkata trademark office. TM applications from the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan including Nagar Haveli, Union Territory of Damman and Dadra can file with Ahmadabad TM office.

Here, we provide you with complete trademark office services and also do enable you with trademark office search while filing your trademark application to the respective trademark office in India.

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