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❖ Trademark Classification

The trademark is classified in about 42 different classes, which includes chemical substances used in industry, paints, lubricants machine and machine tools, medical and surgical instruments, lather, household, furniture, textiles, games, stationary, beverages preparatory material, building material, sanitary material, and hand tools, other scientific and educational products. These classes again are further sub-divided. The main objective of trademark classification is to group jointly the similar nature of goods and services. Others of these 42 classes few are for product and other for services.

Classification of trade mark is the way in which trade mark examiners and applicant trade attorneys assemble documents such as trade mark and service mark applications according to the description and scope of goods or services to this mark applies. Trademarks are classified according to is specification. India follows the international categorization of goods and services which consists of 34 classes of goods and 8 kinds of services. We provide our client's specialized and high quality service that could best meet their requirement .We provide cost effectual trade mark classification services in India and all parts of the world.

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