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❖ Trademark Registration in Navi Mumbai

A well-crafted township in Mumbai, fast flourishing Navi Mumbai is the biggest planned city in the entire world, with rapid development and growth in the industrial and service sectors. Situated in the eastern trans harbor of Mumbai, this booming city boasts of its highly advanced Jawaharlal Nehru Port, which handles about 65% of India's container traffic. Again, containing more than a population of one million, this city of Maharashtra is prospering fast in various economic fields, and is thus, highly suitable for business and professional establishments. To support companies, firms, and individuals located in Navi Mumbai, or belonging to Maharashtra, or other States of India, provided here is rich and very beneficial information regarding our services for trademark registration in navi mumbai, in its all progressive economic fields.

Worldwide famous for top-notch and reasonably-priced trademark services in india, ours prestigious law firm located in Delhi, offers the following facilities for registering every trademark in navi mumbai, pertaining to any economic fields:
  • All trademarks and service marks belonging to all 45 classes of these, and newly created by companies and firms located in Navi Mumbai, can be well-served by our lawyers for Indian and International-level registrations.
  • For the national-level registration of these trademarks owned by companies and firms of Navi Mumbai, the concerned office is the regional trademark registry office situated in Mumbai at Antop Hill.
  • And, all international-level registrations of these newly invented trademarks or service marks of companies and firms of Navi Mumbai will be made under the Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, CTM, and the Madrid Protocol.
  • During the both these categories of registrations, our trademark lawyers of international expertise and repute, deliver all necessary services, from the very beginning to the end of the process in India and abroad.
  • The economic fields of this galloping town that can expertly be served by ours lawyers regarding trademark registrations are computer software, manufacturing, information technology and ITES, retail, banking and finance, hospitality, entertainment, steel, and many other emerging and fast progressing fields.
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