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❖ Trademark Registration in Darbhanga

Decent Darbhanga is one of the oldest and largest cities of Bihar, and contributes significantly to the State GDP every year. In past years, this most important city in the north Bihar has been developing and progressing rapidly in many new economic fields, along with further growth in its traditional occupational and economic fields. Our law firm based in Delhi, essentially offers a rich range of legal services to Bihar and its all major and significant cities, inseparably covering this Darbhanga. On this webpage, described exclusively are only the services for trademark registration in darbhanga, to serve people and companies located in this historic city. Our law firm is notably famous worldwide for its first-rate and expeditious trademark services in india and abroad, at the levels of both national and international.

Highly prestigious and well-equipped law firm of ours offers the following services and facilities for each and every trademark in darbhanga, in the below-mentioned economic fields:
  • Our well-read, richly experienced, and internationally admired trademark lawyers are well-versed in supporting registrations of trademarks and service marks under all international conventions (such as TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, CTM), apart from the domestic registrations of these in all across India.
  • All newly invented and proposed trademarks and service marks of people and companies of Darbhanga, are registered under the governance of the regional trademark office of Kolkata, for doing businesses at the regional and national levels in entire India.
  • The services delivered during the entire process of registration in India and abroad by ours decent and diligent trademark lawyers are counsel for creation of trademarks in any desired field, verification of indisputable uniqueness and distinctness, selection of appropriate trademark class, filing and offering prosecution for registration, ad resolving probable allegations of opposition and infringement.
  • The economic fields supported by our legal services for trademarks in this significant city of northern Bihar are education and teaching, agriculture and agro-based industries, paper manufacturing, horticulture, sugar, handloom, etc.
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