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❖ Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is the task or process of securing new creations with governmental authorities, and acquiring due rights by the creators or inventors. Such copyright registration grants the creators certain legitimate and exclusive rights regarding the use and trade of the creations, including the right to sue against any misappropriation of or infringement upon the registered creation, apart from recognizing and providing legal protection to the matter registered. These copyright registration services are available for various types and categories of new creations described below, and the copyright registration fees vary accordingly. Our well-established and well-connected law firm based in India provides comprehensive and perfect services for all types of copyright registrations with the copyright authorities in India and abroad. Our services for copyright registration in India are elucidated in the section below. The international regulations under which we have been providing copyright registration services are – Berne and Paris Conventions, Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Rome Convention, etc.

Copyright Registration Services in India

In India, copyright has been played a vital role where every day one to another case has been registered as copied or infringement of copyright; as with the enlargement of corporate sector and multinational companies in India have aroused the importance of copyright registration services in India. Here at companyregistrationindia, will bring you with varied services in copyright registration in India where we do copyright for almost every segment of the economy including sculptural creations, painting and arts design, audio and visual recordings, poems, films and movies, literacy work, photographic art, choreographic art and many more. All these sections will get copyright as per the copyright act of 1957 of India. Accuracy, precise, timely revert, credential and good judgment are some of the fundamentals that have made us as one of the favorable centers for copyright registration services in India. Thus, contact us at in order to get more information about copyright services and other corporate legal services here with.

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