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❖ Patent Application

Immensely popular and reputed are our rigorous and perfect services for patent application in all around the world, including patent application india. Our exquisite patent application services are economically available for both categories of patent applications – the provisional patent applications and the regular patent applications. Besides the patent registrations in the domestic countries, ours these services are available for patent registrations under the international conventions and treaties like TRIPS Agreement, PCT, Berne and Paris Convention, and European Patent Convention.

A Provisional Application for patent (provisional patent application) is an elegant preliminary step towards registering an invention with the prescribed patent office. This interim patent application offers the applicant the credit of having filed an application regarding the specified type of invention in the specific field of business with the concerned patent office. This provisional patent application is valid for a period of usually one year from the filing date. Within this period the applicant must file the non-provisional or regular patent application, in order to secure the invention properly. A filed provisional patent application is considered as a patent pending for future registration. It has been observed that the cost of filing a provisional patent application is about one-fourth of the cost of filing the non-provisional or regular patent application. For filing a provisional patent application, there is no requirement for any formal patent claims to be made, and any solemn disclosure or declaration. Moreover, the filed provisional patent application averts the chances of any infringement to be made upon the filed invention by other parties.

Patent Application in India

Both provisional and regular patent applications are filed for registration by us in strict compliance with the Indian Patents Act, 1970, and the Patents Rules, 1972. Our patent attorneys and intellectual property lawyers are experienced richly and variedly in filing patent applications that pertain to various sensitive fields of the commerce and profession sectors in India. Our patent filing services are available readily in every part of the country, for patent registration with domestic and international patent authorities. Here, it is worth mentioning that our visionary and well-equipped law firm has been a reputed and leading service provider to the commerce, corporate, and profession sectors in all across India, for an extensive period in the past.

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