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❖ Patent Opposition

A Patent Opposition is an elaborate and forceful objection raised against the granting of patent rights to any published new invention or registered and patented inventions, by any individual or entity. Any such patent opposition is well-supported by factual statements and evidences, in order to prove the alleged invention or patented matter wrongful, illegal, and thus utterly objectionable. In this article, we will deal exclusively with patent opposition procedure followed in India. The Indian Patents Act, 1970 provides the provisions of patent opposition through its section 25, and classifies this into the broad categories of Pre-grant Opposition and Post-grant Opposition, both of which are described below in details. Our internationally reputed legal organization, which has been providing all-encompassing range of intellectual property legal services to the commerce and profession sectors for a long time in India and abroad, is quite prominent also for rigorous patent opposition in india.

Patent Opposition Procedure System in India

In developing counties these patent opposition procedures have been played a vital role in bringing their business activities under the safe roof. Well, as with the rise in illegitimate acts and misuse of other businesses have really put the nation on the edge of being strict. This result in patent opposition where one can file an application of opposition under the pre grant and post grant. In pre grant patent opposition, an application is supposed to file within the period of six months from the date of patent application publication that demand for registration. This is can be done under any of the regional patent office in India. Whereas on other hand, post grant patent opposition, the procedure is quite different from prior one. Under post grant system, the application for opposition can be filed within the period of twelve months that start after the grant of a patent under the notification of journal of patent office.

The patent opposition procedure system in India defines the set of statements the one need to follow while facing any kind of infringement, misleading the rule of originality, doubtful authenticity, faulty using of facts and figures, misuse of other patent and many more. On facing such types of conditions, one can file an application of opposition under the patent act 1970 of India. Well, here at companyregistrationindia, an expertise team of patent attorneys assist you on the basic platform of how to follow and file the patent opposition system in India.

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