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❖ Patent Drafting

Whenever a patent drafting concept has been aroused the term of techno-legal documents listed on the top. Patent drafting is a type of legal document that need to be prepared in Oder to disclose all the details about the proposed inventions. It is usually being done by the one who is technically and professionally strong in terms of describing all the detail concepts of new invented business ideas. Patent drafting includes all the essential details about the invention in respect of why the invention takes place, about target market, how it support to the society and economy as whole and many more things. Patent drafting is a document that generally requires to format under the proper hierarchy and should be written in well communicated English. It should be precise and logical enough that can describe the concept of invention clearly. Here, we introduce you more about patent drafting procedure as mentioned below.

Patent Drafting Procedure in India

The patent drafting procedure governs and regulates the ways of making patent specification and presentation, in close compliance with the rules and regulations of the Patents Act, 1970, and the Patent Rules, 1972 of the Central Government of India. Our patent attorneys are well versed in drafting patents in accordance with rules, recommendations, and instructions by patent offices in India. The patent specification deals with the best and impeccable description of the new invention (using prescribed configuration and size of paper, font, title and sub-titles, drawing sheets, etc.), claims related with invention, abstract of the invention, etc. Details of priority claims, if any, are also furnished in the patent application. Hence, drafting a patent application demands dedicated support of an expert hand. All categories of new inventions in various fields of commercial, industrial, and professional sectors of economy are drafted meticulously and responsively by our patent attorneys, so as to offer the best possible satisfaction to our clients in all across the country.

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