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❖ Patent Protection in India

Every business has its own brand and image in the business market. This brand and favorable image is a result of quality services and nurtureful products. But as there are many factors that have raised several infringe facts in order to destroy the brand and image of the successful business. Thus, to protect your brand and image and overall business idea from the illegal world, it is essential to follow guidelines as stated by patent act. Patent is a form of intellectual property where it needs to protect from illegal use by the third party.

However, there are several rules and procedures while following the patent protection act. Thus, it is recommended to follow the services from any of the top law service providers like here at companyregistrationindia that brings you with complete package of patent services that includes patent registration, patent filing, patent opposition, patent renewal, patent litigation, patent drafting and many more. Here at you will find accurate and exact services in patent protection while making your business safe and secure in the international market under the process of international patent protection services india. Thus, just surf the below for more information about detail process of patent protection in India.

Patent Protection in India

The patent protection in india is provided by the Patents Act of 1970, and amendments made so far thereto. This Indian Patents Act, 1970, has been amended for betterment and refinement in the years 1999, 2002, and 2005, to be in close conformity with patent laws and regulations in countries worldwide. The TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) seeks to secure and promote free and fair worldwide business and trade through promulgating some visionary rules and regulations regarding diverse intellectual property. India is party to this globally recognized TRIPS Agreement since 1995. To abide by strictly this TRIPS Agreement, India has now set the term of patent protection for patents in almost all fields of commerce, industry, and profession, to twenty years since the year 2005. Now, patent protection in india is provided to both products and processes produced or used in diverse commercial and industrial fields, including pharmaceuticals. The patent protection period was set to 20 years for all patents (mentioned in Section 53 of the Indian Patents Act, 1970), in the light of the third amendment to the Indian patents act in the year 2005. Our punctilious and perfect services regarding patents include patent filing and prosecution, patent infringement and litigation, patent monitoring and protection, patent protection search, and all other ancillary legal services.

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