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The Copyright Services are provided to the creators, inventors, or companies or institutions possessing proper rights over the new creations, for registration of their creations and works, with the copyright authorities concerned at domestic or international levels. These new and original creations or works can relate to any field of business, commerce, industry, or profession. The copyright services in countries all around the world are available for the registration and protection of all various types of literary works such as books, dramatic works, poems, novels, written articles, and diverse written documents; all types of audio and video, musical recordings; choreographic albums; moving pictures and films; all sorts of photographic works; artistic paintings and drawings; architectural designs and drawings; sculptural creations; and so on. Our worldwide famous law firm provides well-rounded and economical copyright services for recognition and protection of all these categories of works and creations, in countries all across the entire world, including India. The copyright registration services in compliance with globally accredited and reputed regulations like TRIPS Agreement, the Universal Copyright Convention, Berne and Paris Convention, Rome Convention, etc., are also supported expertly by our well-experienced and innovative intellectual property attorneys and discerning copyright lawyers.
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