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❖ PCT Filing

The PCT Filing is an elegant and significant means for obtaining patent protection in all the countries which are parties to this international patent law treaty. At present, there are about 150 countries from all across the entire world, parties to this Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This globally recognized patent cooperation treaty was established in the year 1970, and is operated by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Thus, this pct filing is utmost productive and beneficial for conducting businesses worldwide with recognized identity and prestige. Below is discussed detailed and visionary pct filing strategy for acquiring easiest and highly profitable recognition and protection to new inventions in diverse economic sectors, through pct filing. Our worldwide prominent and popular law firm provides rigorous and scrupulous pct filing services for people and entities belonging to countries all around the world, including India. We are famous nationwide for prompt and perfect pct filing India.

PCT Filing Services in India

PCT – Patent corporation treaty is a concerned authority that has established various rules and laws in order to provide protection to the innovative business ideas at the international level. PCT works globally where there are 150 countries from all across the globe that take part and file contributions to the PCT acts. If you are carrying international business from India then it is very essential for you to comply with these pct filing services in India in order to maintain your goodwill and reputation globally. Here, our expertise team of PCT experts will make you with step and complete procedure how to follow these pct filing services in India.

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