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❖ NGO Registration India

In India, there are numerous types of NGO are there some of them are work as trust, some are register as society and some are working as mode of company. The main aim and mission of every NGO is to work for uplifting of weaker sections of the society and enhancement of human right. Every country has its own distinct rules and regulation for their NGO section where in India; NGO can be registered as trust, society and company. Basically, NGO is non government organization that is registered by an individual or by group of people.

NGO as trust needs to register under Relevant State Trust Act within the jurisdiction of Deputy Registrar and Charity commissioner. Here NGO holder; needs to submit trust deed under the minimum of two trustee. Board of members is handled by Trustees and Board of Trustees. NGO as society needs to register under Societies Registration Act, 1860 within the jurisdiction of Registrar of societies where minimum requirement of members are seven. Memorandum of association along with NGO rules and regulations are needed to submit with concern authority. NGO as company needs to register under Indian Companies Act, 1956 within the jurisdiction of Registrar of companies where the minimum requirement for making NGO is three members. Board of directors and managing committee would handle all the operations and issues of NGO. Memorandum and articles of association along with other regulations forms are needed to submit while registering NGO as company.

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