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❖ NGO Formation India

NGO is stated with non-profit organization that is meant for welfare for weaker society or needy section of the economy during the time of flood, war or drought. Different countries have their own unique rules and regulations for running their NGO sector, where in India; NGO can be registered as trust, or may be as society or may be as company.

NGO formation in India, brings you various steps and procedure that further becomes distinct and unique as you move from one form of NGO to another. Means if you want to register your NGO as a trust then you have move as per guidelines of Relevant State Trust Act or Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, where you need atleast two minimum trustee. Here, under NGO as a trust, the jurisdiction would be Deputy Registrar or Charity commissioner under which all the paper would be submitted.

Whereas if you need to register your NGO as society then you need to file all your legal documents under Registrar of societies under Societies Registration Act, 1860 where you need atleast seven managing committee members. On the same hand under NGO as society you need to submit Memorandum of association and other documents of rules and regulations under Registrar of societies. Similarly, if you need to register your NGO as company then ngo formation process is quite different, then all the legal documents including Memorandum and articles of association need to submit under Registrar of companies. Here, NGO as company need to follow all the rules and regulations as per companies act 1956. Therefore, it's upon you whether to register your NGO as company, trust or society. You can contact us for ngo process in India where we will guide you about all require statement about ngo process.

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