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❖ Social Welfare India

The Indian government has established an extensive social welfare system. Among the many programs designed for betterment and enhancement of quality of life for SC, ST, BC, Minorities women and communities at large, we have:

  • Minimum needs (food, housing, cloth, accessing education, health and drinking water) and social security programmes.
  • There are also services for the blind, mentally retarded, deaf and orthopedically handicapped. Programs for rural community development and displaced persons.
  • Programs for women include welfare grants, working women's hostels, women's adult education, family planning & maternity care.
  • Special measures are aimed at rehabilitating juvenile delinquents, convicts, and sexworkers.
  • Other social welfare programs cover – Emergency relief programs for natural disasters like- drought, flood, earthquake, and eradicating untouchability.
  • Apart from the above mentioned initiatives, the Government and NGOs are striving hard and working towards social sector like:
    • Organizing awareness campaigns at various level on Social Evils ( Women discrimination, child marriages, all are equal, Anti-dowry, Anti Alcoholism, No Tobacco, Child Trafficking, female infanticide and witchcraft/sorcery)
    • Rehabilitation centers for Social Vulnerable groups ( Migration, Persons with disability, Senior Citizens and Orphans/ Street Children )
    • Providing Social Security Schemes (Right to Food, Housing, Pension-family-maternal benefits and employment )
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