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❖ Education NGO India

Even though India has a clearly articulated commitment to ensuring universal primary education for its children, this goal continues to remain indefinable. The woeful insufficiency of resources is not only one important factor, but of equal importance which is a little understood phenomenon of wide and persistent differences in the spread of education across both regions and social groups within the country. Education is the child birthright. We firmly believe that only through education can the needy children free themselves from the ferocious cycle of ignorance, disease & poverty.

We recognize education as the main tool that empowers individuals to make informed choices, resist claim & oppression their rights, besides opening new possibilities & opportunities for themselves. Everything that we are focused on turning our beliefs into a tangible reality. We have a comprehensive education programme as per the developmental age of children and socio-economic milieu under which they exist. The philosophy of our organization is based on the belief that each child deserves an equal chance for total development. The harmony of the project includes- children, parents and the community.

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