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❖ Charity in India

India is a country that has a lot of poor people. In addition, there are the elderly and disabled as well as the terminally ill. These people need the help of volunteers and caregivers like you. Starting a charity in India is a very noble thought. However, establishing a charity and running it successfully is infrequently easy. Different things, such as funds, regulation, the government and advertisement, can be the points of contention that can lead an organization to failure. A charity is successful only if its cause is actually believed by the people involved, and most importantly by its leader. If you're having trouble picking a cause for your charity, just look around your community and see who needs help. Looking into your community's interests and finding a way to incorporate them into your charity will ensure its success and vitality.

Starting a charity, while a pure and good intention, is a expensive venture. Establishing and registering organization costs money. Making a rough estimate of the funds needed to start your charity will go a long way in its initial success. Through this procedure, you can decide if the charity will be adequate with funds alone, or if it also requires the aid of volunteers. Charity opens the gates of development for different people, who do not have access to different facilities of life. And such people are poor or backward class inhabitants living a rough life. In India, there are a lot of people and children living below the poverty line. Out of these, several are found begging on streets, selling books or other small items on traffic signals or working as masons. This class of people and children generally do not have any financial support. In this regard, it becomes the duty of the Indian citizens to help them in every possible manner.

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