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❖ NGO Registration in Rajasthan

Ours nationwide and internationally renowned law firm based in India, offers the complete broad range of services for ngo registration in rajasthan. Ours efficient and swift ngo registration services are significant auxiliary part of ours all services essentially including the extensive gamut of legal services to people and entities in all economic sectors in India and abroad. As Rajasthan is one of the most famous and fast developing States of India, we preferably intend to provide impeccable and responsible ngo services in rajasthan, in every part of the extensive State.

Situated far-flung in the north-west part of India, Rajasthan is the largest State of India in terms of land area. A globally famous and historic place of Rajasthan is exclusively abundant in diverse historical monuments, several precious minerals, destinations of tourist interest, and immense and unique cultural heritage. Today, Rajasthan is progressing fast in almost all major and significant sectors of economy, essentially including the business and commerce, profession, service, and industry. But, a large fraction of its population is still in great need of education and enlightenment, necessary entrepreneurial and technical awareness, sustainable employment, and well-rounded information regarding well-being, health, nutrition, etc. Hence, Rajasthan is certainly one of the most suitable States of India for setting up NGOs with diverse philanthropic and noble aims.

NGO Services in Rajasthan

Ours rich and exclusive ngo registration services in rajasthan cover all various types of NGOs, essentially including the most prominent categories of trusts, societies, and section-25 companies. Our ngo services in rajasthan and other parts of India encompass the services for sophisticated and expert advising over the formation of the perfectly suitable NGO, as per the objectives and requirements; preparing flawlessly and impeccably all require documents for registration of the selected NGO; processing applications and documents for perfect and prompt registration; and then, making proper and efficient arrangements for the best possible administration and management of the registered NGO. For registration of trusts, societies, and section-25 companies, the most relevant and competent legal legislations are the Indian Trusts Act of 1882, the Societies Registration Act of 1860, and the section 25 of the Indian Companies Act of 1956, respectively.

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