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❖ Patent Renewal India

The Patent Renewal is the task or action of renewing the validation and effectiveness of the granted patent, through paying the prescribed patent renewal fees. If these fees are not paid punctually, the patented invention will then be considered unkempt and ineffective, and the inventor or patent holder will be made bereft of the patent rights. These patent renewal fees are remitted to the Controller of the Patent Office in the concerned country. For renewal of the international patent rights, such renewal fees are submitted to the pertinent international authorities, such as the World Intellectual property organization (WIPO), European Patent Organization (EPO), The World Trade organization (WTO), etc. These patent renewal fees are paid at a time well in advance for the entire term of the granted patent, or on annual basis every year. In India, both these systems of payment are available. The date of patent renewal is generally counted from the date of grant of the patent in most of the countries including India. However, it may also be counted from the date of filing the patent application for registration. Again, in most of the countries the term for patent protection to patents in almost all diverse sectors is set to twenty years from the date of the grant of patent, as per the recommendation of the TRIPS Agreement of the WTO. Our law firm of international repute provides rigorous and punctual patent renewal services in countries India and abroad.

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