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Patent filing is the process of filing an application form to register your patent for the invention or innovation you have made. Patent is the monopoly right given to a business organization or a person to use their invention for public use without other's permission. Patent filing in India is performed as per the Patent Registration Act, 1974 as per the rules and regulations. As patent registration is a serious business for all business persons so, one should take it seriously in order to avoid any future disputes regarding this matter. Patent search is a professional search by a patent agent as per the applicants demand and requirements but certifying the rules and regulations of the patent registration act. One should undertake a sound patent search in order o avoid any patent infringement or illegal use of patents in the absence of the consent of the actual owner or proprietor. Mostly, patent registration services are offered by patent and trademark registration firms or agencies.

Patent Filing Services In India

India is the hub of many small and medium business enterprises in recent years due to its business friendly locations and low labor costs. In India, one can file online patent application for patent registration as it's a easy and smart process compared than offline application at the patent offices in various locations across the country. Patent registration services come with a certain price or patent cost, which depends upon the complexity of the process and time it takes. There are numbers of patent and trademark agencies in India have been offering patent registration services at affordable prices ranging from eight thousands to fifteen thousand depend upon the legal agencies and patent lawyers one take for this service. In India, Global Jurix, a leading patent and trademark registration firm based out of Delhi offers wide range of services relating to patent and trademark registration in India.

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