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❖ Patent Prosecution in India

Patent prosecution arises in each and every country as there is a keen competition among business rivals to protect their own reputation and invention. It simply refers to the interaction between an applicant and patent agent or patent office for the regarding proposed patent. Patent prosecution can be done at both time like it can be at pre-grant and post-grant of patent. At pre-grant patent prosecution level, the negotiation is gone on between an applicant and the patent representative over the invention an applicant mad. Patent prosecution case arises due to if there is already an invention created with the same name before and that contradicts with the present one. Therefore, patent prosecution services should be care d by patent attorneys or legal professionals those have experience in handling this matter in before for clients otherwise it will create many unavoidable issues in future while running the business.

Patent Prosecution Services in India

Patent prosecution services in India have been provided by leading patent and trademark agencies and legal firms by patent attorneys and lawyers. Global Jurix, a leading full-fledged law firm established by well qualified and richly experienced lawyers and attorneys offers wide range of services including pre-grant and post-grant patent prosecution in India and abroad. There are a large chunk of inventors and aspiring business owners are taking the help of professional patent lawyers to solve the patent prosecution cases within less time and cost. India is the home of many business houses across many sectors including engineering and technology, finance, hospitality and many more and therefore, patent prosecution cases have been growing immensely in these days as everybody tries to keep their right for using their invention or innovation for the benefits of general public.

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