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Accounts Tax Advisory

The accounts and tax related matters and issues are of great and critical importance to businesses in all sectors, in connection with their lawfully smooth and peaceful running, and proper accreditation and reputation in the domestic and international arenas. Hence, ours punctilious and responsible law firm based in India necessarily provides flawless and punctual tax advisory services in countries worldwide, in addition to superb legal services pertaining to diverse disciplines of the legal practice. Ours well-resourced legal organization has refined and rigorous support of dedicated chartered accountants, financial analysts, taxation professionals, tax consultants, taxation lawyers, and experts in corporate taxation, to render our firm as one of the adept and reputed tax advisory firms in India and the world. Ours accounts tax advisory services are provided strictly in accordance with the domestic taxation law in each country. For international businesses the recognized international taxation laws are utilized additionally. Ours reliable tax advisory services are explained separately in the lower section.

Tax Advisory Services India

All types of direct and indirect taxation in India as per the Income Tax Act of 1961, are strictly and properly served by us on behalf of people and entities belonging to all around the country. All sizes and levels of companies, industries, institutions, and other entities in various economic fields are supported and guided well-rounded regarding their accounts and tax related matters and issues, to facilitate their easy and convenient running most profitably, at regional, national, or even international and worldwide levels. On account of these impeccable, trustworthy, and punctual tax advisory services in all across India, ours law firm is one of the leading and reputed tax advisory firms india.

Our swift and economical tax advisory services are for the following broad categories:
  • Income Tax of Individuals and Corporate Entities
  • Service Tax
  • Central and State Sales Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Excise Duties
  • Taxation associated with Capital Market
  • Transfer Pricing for International Business
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Tax Compliances and Return Filing
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Management and Auditing
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