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❖ VAT Registration

Value added tax (VAT), is a sales tax levied on the sale of services and goods. VAT is an indirect tax, which is collected from someone other than the person who actually bears the cost of the tax. Personal end-consumers of services and products cannot recover VAT on purchases, but businesses are able to recover VAT where they use the supplies in receiving that bear VAT to make further supplies. VAT registration is essential depending on your sales turn over and other business parameters. Along with VAT registration, we look after registration with excise and customs also. VAT registration and VAT returns submissions are also carried out through our panel of highly qualified and experienced tax experts. We offer VAT registration services, which meet the client's requirements and expectations completely. We can register your Company for VAT and provide you with VAT administration services. We understand client's requirements and expectation how to pay this indirect tax. We also enable them to understand the complex legalities involved and their possible solutions regarding the filing and payment.

Our VAT registration services provide you with step by step guided online process to register your business for VAT. Our highly qualified and experienced tax advisers are available to assist you. Our customs tax team is there to follow up your application and to make sure it is being processed, and dealing with any queries during the registration process.

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