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❖ Investment in India

Due to a variety of glamorous and magnificent reasons, diverse investment in india is now irresistibly enticing to investors of the world over. The most prominent and significant of these reasons are India's vast and diversified market, its steady and high economic growth rate, its huge and qualified manpower, its world-class stock exchanges, highly developed macro-economic infrastructure, liberal governmental policies for FDI, and economical availability of diverse natural resources in ample quantities. Hence, ours renowned and globally popular law firm especially offers the full-range of services regarding investment in india in the desire targeted sectors by foreign companies and investors belonging to countries all over the whole world. Here, it is important to be noted that ours well-equipped and discerning law firm has been providing all categories of legal services to people and entities established in diverse economic sectors in jurisdictions worldwide. In the section below given is description regarding the best investment in india, and the most popular and lucrative investment opportunities in india. The inflow of foreign investment in india has been huge and constant since last five years in diverse economic sectors by companies and investors belonging to countries like US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Mauritius, Netherlands, etc.

Investment Opportunities in India

With striking and productive development in every major and important economic sector, the economy of India has been perennially growing with an average annual GDP growth rate of 8%. This fact has created extensive and lavish opportunities for FDI in India, in those sectors. Today, the most profitable and secured economic sectors for investment in india are the real estate and housing development, retail, quality education, information technology and ITES, tourism and hospitality, telecommunications, petroleum and petroleum products, power and energy, engineering & technology, and food processing. Besides these sectors, other spheres for highly productive and sound investment in india are automobiles, software and hardware, chemicals, oil and gas, financial services, aviation, and manufacturing of some select products and equipments. Investment in these areas can be made through the automatic route or the government route, depending upon the business field, type of entity, and the business activities. Again, the foreign direct investment in india is allowed to be made in any of the forms of financial collaborations, joint ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries or private offices, capital market instruments, or technical collaborations.

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